Intelli Plugins

Welcome to the Intelli Plugins web page.

The site is currently under development. In time this page will contain information about all plugins hosted in this project. The initial plugins hosted here are all plugins I developed up till now.

The intention is to host other peoples plugins here as well so we can learn from each other and write better and nicer plugins.

Following plugins will be hosted here in short time:

Simple tool to organize tasks in a PERT diagram. The tasks are visualized in a Gantt chart.
A small calculator integrated in IntelliJ.
The plugin attaches to an instrumented HotSpot JVM and collects and graphically displays garbage collection, class loader, and HotSpot compiler performance data. The target JVM is identified by its virtual machine identifier, or vmid.
his plugin does something similar to Unix Tail.
This plugin adds an extra action to the ChangeList popup menu. It allows for creating a zip file containing specific changes.